International Tennis Hall of Fame Inductees 2001-2010

Class of 2001

  • Ivan Lendl, Recent Player, United States
  • Mervyn Rose, Recent Player, Australia

Class of 2002

  • Pam Shriver, Recent Player, United States
  • Mats Wilander, Recent Player, Sweden

Class of 2003

  • Boris Becker, Master Player, Germany
  • Francoise Dürr, Master Player, France
  • Nancy Richey, Master Player, United States
  • Brian Tobin, Contributor, Australia

Class of 2004

  • Dorothy “Dodo” Bundy Cheney, Master Player, United States
  • Stefan Edberg, Recent Player, Sweden
  • Steffi Graf, Recent Player, Germany

Class of 2005

  • Earl Buchholz, Contributor, United States
  • Jim Courier, Recent Player, United States
  • Yannick Noah, Recent Player, France
  • Jana Novotna, Recent Player, Czech Republic

Class of 2006

  • Gianni Clerici, Contributor, Italy
  • Arthur Gore, Master Player, United Kingdom
  • Marion Jones Farquhar, Master Player, United States
  • Karel Koželuh, Master Player, Czech Republic
  • Herbert Lawford, Master Player, United Kingdom
  • Simonne Mathieu, Master Player, France
  • Hans Nusslein, Master Player, Germany
  • Patrick Rafter, Recent Player, Australia
  • Gabriela Sabatini, Recent Player, Argentina
  • Nancy Wynn Bolton, Master Player, Australia

Class of 2007

  • Russ Adams, Contributor, United States
  • Sven Davidson, Master Player, Sweden
  • Pete Sampras, Recent Player, United States
  • Arantxa Sánchez-Vicario, Recent Player, Spain

Class of 2008

  • Michael Chang, Recent Player, United States
  • Mark McCormack, Contributor, United States
  • Eugene Scott, Contributor, United States

Class of 2009

  • Donald Dell, Contributor, United States
  • Andrés Gimeno, Master Player, Spain
  • Robert Johnson, Contributor, United States
  • Monica Seles, Recent Player, United States

Class of 2010

  • Owen Davidson, Master Player, Australia
  • Gigi Fernandez, Recent Player, United States
  • Derek Hardwick, Contributor, Great Britain
  • Brad Parks, Contributor, United States
  • Todd Woodbridge, Recent Player, Australia
  • Mark Woodforde, Recent Player, Australia
  • Natasha Zvereva, Recent Player, Belarus

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