International Swimming Hall of Fame Inductees 2001-2025

Class of 2001

  • Jeff Rouse, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Tom Jager, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Robert Hoffman, Honor Pioneer Contributor, USA
  • Carlos Giron, Honor Diver, MEX
  • Krisztina Egerszegi, Honor Swimmer, HUN
  • Janet Evans, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Kouji Katoh, Honor Coach, JPN
  • Michelle Calkins, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, CAN
  • Nick Theirry, Honor Contributor, CAN
  • Aleksandr S. Kabanov, Honor Water Polo, URS
  • Wendy Wyland, Honor Diver, USA

Class of 2002

  • Eddie Reese, Honor Coach, USA
  • Igor Poliansky, Honor Swimmer, URS
  • Peg Hogan, Honor Masters Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, USA
  • Tom Gompf, Honor Contributor, USA
  • Patty Elsener, Honor Diver, USA
  • Melvin Stewart, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Jill Sterkel, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Summer Sanders, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Terry Schroeder, Honor Water Polo, USA
  • Georg Zacharias, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, GER

Class of 2003

  • Danyon Loader, Honor Swimmer, NZL
  • Mark Lenzi, Honor Diver, USA
  • Horatio Iglesias, Honor Open Water Swimmer, ARG
  • Sylvie Frechette, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, CAN
  • James Malcolm “Taffy” Cameron, Honor Contributor, GBR
  • Yevgeni Sharonov, Honor Water Polo, RUS
  • William Wilson, Honor Pioneer Contributor, GBR
  • Xu Yiming, Honor Coach, CHN

Class of 2004

  • Giorgio Lamberti, Honor Swimmer, ITA
  • Denis Pankratov, Honor Swimmer, RUS
  • Zoran Jankovic, Honor Water Polo, YUG
  • Becky Dyroen-Lancer, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, USA
  • Ross Wales, Honor Contributor, USA
  • Laura Val, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Ralph Thomas, Honor Pioneer Contributor, GBR
  • Skip Kenney, Honor Coach, USA
  • Martin Lopez Zubero, Honor Swimmer, ESP

Class of 2005

  • Randy Reese, Honor Coach, USA
  • Norbert Rosza, Honor Swimmer, HUN
  • Yoshiko Osaki, Honor Masters Swimmer, JPN
  • Cindy Nicholas, Honor Open Water Swimmer, CAN
  • Fu Mingxia, Honor Diver, CHN
  • John Henry “Rob” Derbyshire, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, GBR
  • Thea de Witt, Honor Contributor NED
  • David Berkoff, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Craig Wilson, Honor Water Polo, USA

Class of 2006

  • Igor Milanovic, Honor Water Polo, YUG
  • Kieren Perkins, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Susan O’Neill, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Xiong Ni, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Tom Dolan, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Carlo Dibiasi, Honor Pioneer Coach, ITA
  • Flip Darr, Honor Coach, USA
  • Alison Streeter, Honor Open Water Swimmer, GBR
  • Joe Bottom, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Jane Asher, Honor Masters Swimmer, GBR

Class of 2007

  • Debbie Muir, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimming Coach, CAN
  • Ratko Rudic, Honor Coach, YUG/ITA/USA/CRO
  • Mikako Kotani, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimming, JPN
  • Manuel Estiarte, Honor Water Polo, ESP
  • Penny Heyns, Honor Swimmer, RSA
  • Bob Helmick, Honor Contributor, USA
  • Amy Van Dyken, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Sun Shuwei, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Sydney Battersby, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, GBR

Class of 2008

  • Anita Nall, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Perica Bukic, Honor Water Polo, YUG/CRO
  • Andras Hargitay, Honor Swimmer, HUN
  • Fred Deburghgraeve, Honor Swimmer, BEL
  • Debbie Watson, Honor Water Polo, AUS
  • Jon Urbanchek, Honor Coach, USA
  • Shelley Taylor-Smith, Honor Open Water Swimmer, AUS
  • Jill Savery, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, USA
  • Herman Willemse, Honor Open Water Swimmer, HOL

Class of 2009

  • Kevin Murphy, Honor Open Water Swimmer, GBR
  • Judy McGowan, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, USA
  • Ikkaku Matsuzawa, Honor Coach, JPN
  • Gianni Lonzi, Honor Water Polo, ITA
  • Aleksandr Popov, Honor Swimmer, RUS
  • Inge de Bruijn, Honor Swimmer NED
  • Let van Feggelen, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, NED
  • Jenny Thompson, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Olga Brusnikina, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, RUS

Class of 2010

  • Cornel Marculescu, Honor Contributor, ROM
  • Maria Kiseleva, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, RUS
  • Maureen O’Toole, Honor Water Polo, USA
  • Alexander Dolgushin, Honor Water Polo, URS
  • Marco D’Altrui, Honor Water Polo, ITA
  • Giuseppe D’Altrui, Honor Water Polo, ITA
  • Larry Griswold, Honor Pioneer Diver, USA
  • Franziska van Almsick, Honor Swimmer, GER
  • Petria Thomas, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Tamás Széchy, Honor Coach, HUN
  • Murray Stephens, Honor Coach, USA
  • Brooke Bennett, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Paul Asmuth, Honor Open Water Swimmer, USA
  • Teofio Yldefonso, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, PHI
  • Andres “Bandy” Zolyomy, Honor Water Polo, HUN/ITA/ESP

Class of 2011

  • Michael Read, Honor Open Water Swimmer, GBR
  • Lenny Krayzelburg, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Thomas Hoad, Honor Contributor, AUS
  • Dr. Denes Kemeny, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Re Calcaterra, Honor Pioneer Contributor, USA
  • Ian Thorpe, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Miya Tachibana, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, JPN
  • Aleksandar Sostar, Honor Water Polo, SRB

Class of 2012

  • Dr. Julio Maglione, Honor Contributor, URU
  • Jesus Miguel Rollan, Honor Water Polo, ESP
  • Tian Liang, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Colonel Frank Kurtz, Honor Pioneer Diver, USA
  • Laszlo Kiss, Honor Coach, HUN
  • Chad Hundeby, Honor Open Water Swimmer, USA
  • Eldon Godfrey, Honor Contributor, CAN
  • Domenico Fioravanti, Honor Swimmer, ITA
  • Jozsef Szabo, Honor Swimmer, HUN
  • Jill Sudduth, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, USA
  • Gustavo Borges, Honor Swimmer, BRA

Class of 2013

  • Mu Chengkuan & Mu Xiangxiong, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, CHN
  • Peter Montgomery, Honor Contributor, AUS
  • Cliff Lumsdon, Honor Open Water Swimmer, CAN
  • Yana Klochkova, Honor Swimmer, UKR
  • Hu Jia, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Dagmar Hase, Honor Swimmer, GER
  • Gary Hall Jr., Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Pieter van den Hoogenband, Honor Swimmer, NED
  • Chi Lieh Yung, Honor Swimmer, CHN
  • Alberto Castagnetti, Honor Coach, ITA
  • Milivoj Bebic, Honor Water Polo, YUG
  • Nathalie Schneyder, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, USA

Class of 2014

  • Tom Malchow, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Claudio Plit, Honor Open Water Swimmer, ARG
  • Karin Kuipers, Honor Water Polo, NED
  • Dale Petranech, Honor Contributor, USA
  • Agnes Kovacs, Honor Swimmer, HUN
  • Jozsef Nagy, Honor Coach, HUN/USA/CAN/ESP
  • Bruce Hopping, Honor Pioneer Contributor, USA
  • Grant Hacket, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Mercedes Gleite, Honor Pioneer Open Water Swimmer, GBR
  • Jon Erikson, Honor Open Water Swimmer, USA
  • Charlotte Davis, Honor Coach, USA
  • Penny & Vicky Vilagos, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, CAN
  • Judith van Berkel-de Nijs, Honor Open Water Swimmer, NED
  • Sandra Bucha, Honor Open Water Swimmer, USA
  • Peng Bo, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Carlo Silipo, Honor Water Polo, ITA
  • Norman Sarsfield, Honor Contributor, GBR
  • George Young, Open Water Swimmer, CAN
  • David Kenneth Yudovin, Honor Open Water Swimmer, USA

Class of 2015

  • Diana Mocanu, Honor Swimmer, ROM
  • Lao Lishi, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Boxi Liang, Honor Pioneer Diver, CHN
  • Karlyn Pipes, Honor Masters Swimmer, USA
  • Jodie Henry, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • James Gaughran, Honor Coach, USA
  • Anastasia Ermakova, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, RUS
  • Don Watson, Honor Coach, USA
  • Irene van der Laan, Honor Open Water Swimmer, NED
  • Masako Kaneko, Honor Coach, JPN
  • Bartolo Consolo, Honor Contributor, ITA
  • Ivo Trumbic, Honor Water Polo, CRO/YUG/NED
  • Enith Brigitha, Honor Swimmer, NED

Class of 2016

  • Desmond Renford, Honor Open Water Swimmer, AUS
  • Camille Muffat, Honor Swimmer, FRA
  • Tamas Molnar, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Leonid Meshkov, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, RUS
  • Aaron Peirsol, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Geregly Kiss, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Péter Biros, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Tibor Benedek, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Hungarian Water Polo Team, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Larisa Ilchenko, Honor Swimmer, RUS
  • Hilda James, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, GBR
  • Sir Peter Heatley, Honor Contributor, GBR
  • Guo Jingjing, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Horst Gorlitz, Honor Pioneer Coach, GDR/ITA/FRG
  • Frank Gorman, Honor Pioneer Diver, USA
  • Tamas Kásás, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Dara Torres, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Zoltán Szécsi, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Simeon Boychenko, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, UKR
  • Dmitry Sautin, Honor Diver, RUS
  • Elena Azarova, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, RUS
  • Monique Wildschut, Honor Open Water Swimmer, NED

Class of 2017

  • Laure Manaudou, Honor Swimmer, FRA
  • Walter Poenisch, Honor Open Water Swimmer, USA
  • Heinz Kluetmeier, Honor Contributor, USA
  • Bridgette Gusterson, Honor Water Polo, AUS
  • Andras Bodnar, Honor Water Polo, HUN
  • Leisel Jones, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Dick Jochums, Honor Coach, USA
  • Takashi “Halo” Hirose, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, USA
  • Anastasia Davydova, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, RUS
  • Ian Crocker, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Maarten van der Weijden, Honor Swimmer, NED
  • Georges Vallerey, Jr., Honor Pioneer Swimmer, FRA
  • Alain Bernard, Honor Swimmer, FRA
  • Laura Wilkinson, Honor Diver, USA
  • Wu Chuanya, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, CHN
  • Zhang Xiuwei, Honor Pioneer Diver, CHN

Class of 2018

  • Irina Lashko, Honor Diver, USSR/RUS/EUN/AUS
  • Joy Cushman, Honor Pioneer Contributor, USA
  • Brenda Villa, Honor Water Polo, USA
  • Libby Trickett, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Miho Takeda, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, JPN
  • Bill Sweetenham, Honor Coach, AUS
  • Andy Burke, Honor Contributor, USA
  • Amanda Beard, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Rebecca Adlington, Honor Swimmer, GBR

Class of 2019

  • Stephanie Rice, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Marcella MacDonald, Honor Open Water Swimmer, USA
  • Li Ting, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Jason Lezak, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Boris Popov, Honor Coach, RUS
  • Alfred Nakache, Honor Pioneer Swimmer, FRA
  • Alessandro Campagna, Honor Water Polo, ITA
  • Otylia Jedrzejczak, Honor Swimmer, POL
  • Osvaldo Codaro, Honor Water Polo, ARG
  • Petar Stoychev, Honor Open Water Swimmer, BUL
  • Britta Steffen, Honor Swimmer, GER
  • Olga Sedakova, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, RUS
  • Dr. Ferenc Salamon, Honor Contributor, HUN

Class of 2020

No Inductees

Class of 2021

  • David Marsh, Honor Coach, USA
  • Brendan Hansen, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Bob Duenkel, Honor Contributor, USA
  • Rebecca Soni, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Elvira Khasyanova, Honor Synchronized / Artistic Swimmer, RUS

Class of 2022

  • Carol Zaleski, Honor Contributor, USA
  • Mirko Vicevic, Honor Swimmer, YUG/MON
  • Daichi Suzuki, Honor Swimmer, JPN
  • Jon Sieben, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Matthew Mitcham, Honor Diver, AUS
  • Michael Klim, Honor Swimmer, AUS
  • Peter Hürzeler, SUI
  • Natalie Coughlin, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Ursula Carlile, Honor Coach, AUS
  • Marilyn Bell, Honor Open Water Swimmer, CAN
  • Craig Beardsley, Honor Swimmer, USA

Class of 2023

  • Trischa Zorn, Honor Paralympics, USA
  • Sam Ramsamy, Honor Contributor, RSA
  • Michael Phelps, Honor Swimmer, USA
  • Heather Petri, Honor Water Polo, USA
  • Wu Minxia, Honor Diver, CHN
  • Stéphane Lecat, Honor Open Water Swimmer, FRA

International Swimming Hall of Fame Inductees 1965-1980
International Swimming Hall of Fame Inductees 1981-2000

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