The National Sailing Hall of Fame Inductees

Class of 2011

  • Betsy Alison, Modern Sailing
  • Hobie Alter, Modern Technical
  • Charlie Barr, Historic Sailing
  • Paul Cayard, Modern Sailing
  • Dennis Conner, Modern Sailing
  • Nathanael Herreshoff, Historic Technical
  • Ted Hood, Modern Technical/Sailing
  • Gary Jobson, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Buddy Melges, Modern Sailing
  • Bus Mosbacher, Modern Sailing
  • Lowell North, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing
  • Joshua Slocum, Historic Contributor
  • Olin Stephens, Modern Technical
  • Ted Turner, Modern Sailing
  • Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, Modern Sailing

Class of 2012

  • Peter Barrett, Modern Sailing
  • Bob Bavier, Jr. , Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • F. Gregg Bemis, Modern Contributor
  • Stanley Honey, Modern Technical/Sailing
  • Bruce Kirby, Modern Technical/Sailing
  • John Kostecki, Modern Sailing
  • Mark Reynolds, Modern Technical/Sailing
  • Roderick Stephens, Modern Technical
  • John Cox Stevens, Historic Contributor/Sailing

Class of 2013

  • John Gale Alden Modern Technical
  • Tom Blackaller, Jr., Modern Sailing
  • Bill Buchan, Modern Technical/Sailing
  • W. Starling Burgess, Historic Technical
  • Frank Butler, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Runyon Colie Jr., Modern Sailing
  • Dave Curtis, Modern Sailing
  • Timothea Larr, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Morris Rosenfeld, Modern Contributor
  • Stuart Walker, Modern Sailing

Class of 2014

  • Henry Anderson Jr., Modern Contributor
  • Nathaniel Bowditch, Historic Contributor
  • Carl Martin Eichenlaub, Jr., Modern Technical
  • Olaf Theodore Harken, Modern Technical
  • Peter Oscar Harken, Modern Technical
  • Lewis Francis Herreshoff, Modern Technical
  • Jim Beresford Kilroy, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing
  • George Dyer O’Day, Modern Technical/Sailing

Class of 2015

  • Stephen Colgate, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Jennifer Anne Fetter, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Paul Jeffrey Foerster, Modern Sailing
  • Jan Clover Gougeon, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing
  • Meade Alger Gougeon, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing
  • Samuel Vaughn Merrick, Modern Sailing

Class of 2016

  • Philip Edward Baird, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Malin Burnham, Modern Sailing
  • William Peter Ficker, Modern Sailing
  • Harriet Electa Johnson, Modern Sailing
  • Irving McClure Johnson, Modern Sailing
  • Robert LeGrand Johnstone III, Modern Technical
  • Rodney Stuart Johnstone, Modern Technical
  • Thomas James Perkins, Modern Technical/Sailing
  • Dave Ullman, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing

Class of 2017

  • William Bentsen, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Charles Raymond Hunt, Modern Technical
  • William Carl Martin, Modern Contributor
  • Clark Wilbur Mills, Modern Technical
  • Robby Naish, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing
  • Cornelius Shields, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing
  • Randy Smyth, Modern Sailing
  • Thomas Avery Whidden II, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing

Class of 2018

  • John Scott Biddle, Modern Contributor
  • Vincent Brun, Modern Sailing
  • George Stavros Coumantaros, Modern Sailing
  • William Koch I, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing
  • James Schoonmaker II, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing
  • William Henry Webb, Historic Technical

Class of 2019

  • John Bledsoe Bonds, Modern Contributor
  • Thomas Fleming Day, Historic Contributor/Sailing
  • Robbie Doyle, Modern Contributor
  • G. Shelby Friedrichs, Modern Sailing
  • Allison Jolly, Modern Sailing
  • Arthur Knapp Jr., Modern Contributor
  • Donald McKay, Historic Technical
  • Everett Pearson, Modern Technical
  • Doug Peterson, Modern Technical
  • Herbert Lawrence Stone, Historic Contributor

Class of 2020

  • James E. Buttersworth, Historic Contributor
  • Briggs Cunningham, Modern Sailing
  • Gordon Douglass, Modern Technical
  • Robert Haines, Jr., Modern Sailing
  • William Mattison, Modern Sailing
  • David Perry, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • John Rousmaniere, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Hoyle and Diane Schweitzer, Modern Contributor/Technical

Class of 2021

  • William Carl Buchan, Modern Sailing
  • Alexander Bryan & Cortlandt Heyniger, Modern Technical
  • Agustin Diaz, Modern Sailing
  • Gilbert Gray, Modern Technical/Sailing
  • Lynne Jewell Shore, Modern Sailing
  • Rear Admiral Stephen B. Luce, Historic Contributor/Sailing
  • Jane Wiswell Pegel, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • William Pinkney, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Dawn Riley, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Richard Rose, Modern Contributor

Class of 2022

  • Ed Adams, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Absalom Boston, Historic Sailing
  • Doris Colgate, Modern Contributor
  • Roy Disney, Modern Contributor
  • OBE Bruce Farr, Modern Technical
  • John Garrison “Garry” Hoyt, Modern Technical
  • Terry J. Kohler, Modern Contributor
  • Bill Lee, Modern Technical
  • Jonathan McKee, Modern Sailing
  • Lin and Larry Pardey, Modern Contributor
  • Nick Scandone, Modern Sailing
  • Frances Wakeman, Modern Contributor/Sailing

Class of 2023

  • Skip Etchells, Historic Technical/Sailing
  • Timothy Hogan, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • Peter Holmberg, Modern Sailing
  • Sally Honey, Modern Contributor/Sailing
  • John Kolius, Modern Sailing
  • C. William Lapworth, Historic Technical
  • John Marshall, Modern Technical/Sailing
  • Charles Morgan, Modern Technical
  • Robert Perry, Modern Contributor/Technical
  • Richard Stearns III, Modern Contributor/Technical/Sailing

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