National Jousting Association Hall of Fame Inductees 1979-2000

Class of 1979

  • Jack Acree, Knight of Fleetwood
  • George D. Bartram, Knight of Cedar Lane
  • Mary Lou Bartram, Maid of Bartram Manor
  • John J. Billingslea, Knight of Hilltop
  • Alice M. Blum, Maid of Naboo Knoll
  • John T. Bowman II, Knight of South Fork
  • Charles Brady, Knight of Holy Family
  • Patrick Brady, Knight of Little Bird
  • Howard Burtner
  • Jacob Burtner, Knight of Elm Hill
  • Walden Burtner, Knight of Blue Ribbon
  • Philip A. Clarke, Knight of Little Red Wagon
  • Albert Crites, Knight of Walnut Bottom
  • Douglas Curtis
  • James A. Curtis, Knight of Arrow Aces
  • Thomas Davis
  • Leon B. Enfield, Knight of Little Woods
  • Douglas C. Eubank Sr., Knight of Pleasant View I
  • George Fisher
  • Paul A. Fleury III
  • Robert Donald Floyd Sr., Knight of Chapel View
  • Henry J. Fowler Sr., Knight of Mechanicsville
  • William A. Frayser Jr., Knight of Henrico County
  • William “Bill” Fulk, Knight of Oakland
  • Patrick Garrow
  • Andrew E. Godsey
  • Harry J. Hennesy, Knight of Glen Echo
  • M. Fawcett Hopkins, Non-rider
  • Louise Borum Howell, Non-rider
  • John M. Inskeep, Knight of Caledonia
  • Philip Inskeep, Knight of Duke
  • Pete Kahl, Knight of Paradise Farm
  • Floyd F. Kelley, Knight of Old Kentucky
  • John G. King, Knight of Old Virginia
  • Henry V. Kiracofe, Knight of Just For Fun
  • William Mahone IV, Knight of Dalkeith
  • Mary Mauler, Non-rider
  • R. Gary Mauler, Knight of St. Lawrence
  • Robert Mauler, Non-rider
  • Renick A. McNeill, Knight of Old Fields
  • Donald Michael, Knight of Mt. Solon
  • Thomas W. Michael
  • Gerald Kenneth Miller, Knight of Skunk Hollow
  • Leo N. Miller, Knight of Oak Hill
  • John Andrew Mohler, Knight of Glen Echo
  • W. J. “Billy” Moneymaker, Knight of Mt. Zion
  • John H. Parker, Jr., Knight of Old Hampshire
  • Harry S. Pratt, Knight of Brook Hill
  • Ralph V. Pratt, Knight of So. Branch Valley
  • Louis Kenton Proctor, Knight of Millboro Springs
  • Gordon Worthington Quinn, Knight of Robin’s Crest
  • Paul C. Reid, Non-rider
  • John S. Riggleman, Knight of Fisher
  • Warner A. Rucker, Knight of Pedlar Mills
  • Kenneth W. “Bud” Sherwood, Knight of Cedar Lane
  • Henry Shobe, Knight of The Hills
  • Jeff Sinclair, Knight of Mark Field
  • Charles C. Slade, Knight of Prince of Peace
  • H. Willis Snow Jr., Knight of Snow’s Landing
  • Harley Staggers Sr., Knight of Cedar Hill
  • Arnold “Bill” Stalling, Knight of Medley
  • Emmert Stevens, Knight of Vanilla
  • Emma V. Tabacheck, Maid of Sleepy Hollow
  • Latane Trice, Non-rider
  • Jacob Russell Troupe Sr., Knight of Mount Prospect
  • Wayne Z. Tucker, Knight of Beauty
  • Isaac Vanmeter, Knight of Old Fields
  • Levi Paul Wampler, Knight of Moscow
  • Francis Weir
  • Donald Wheeler, Knight of Sangersville
  • J. Ashton Yates, Knight of Hold Croft

Class of 1980

  • Georgia Brown, Non-rider
  • Gordon Brown, Non-rider
  • Robert F. ‘Bunky’ Dulin Sr., Knight of Tanyard
  • Charles H. Hanna
  • Harry Wilson

Class of 1981

  • Walter Scott Bryant
  • Emory Crites, Knight of Kessel
  • James W. Eubank, Knight of Pleasant View II
  • Laurence T. Gates, Knight of Accokeek
  • Price Riggleman, Non-rider
  • Joe Shortall, Knight of White Hall

Class of 1982

  • Edgar E. Black Jr., Knight of Old Glory
  • John T. Bowman III, Knight of Bean Lane
  • Harry Tucker Eubank Sr., Knight of Five Forks
  • J. W. “Bill” Hartman, Knight of Penn Laird
  • Robert Milton “Bob” Six, Knight of Pleasant Valley
  • Tony Wilson, Knight of Fort Run

Class of 1983

  • Mildred Bowman, Non-rider
  • Robert M. Harris II, Knight of Green Knoll
  • Charles “Whitney” Higgins, Knight of Hickory Hill
  • Courtney L. Pratt
  • David Seay, Knight of Buffalo River
  • Dorsey Wooters, Knight of Dudley’s Acres

Class of 1984

  • John T. Bowman Jr., Knight of Little John
  • Junior Roger Campbell, Knight of Ponderosa
  • Wilhemina “Willie” Hopkins, Non-rider,
  • Sam Kirkendall, Knight of Rolls Adventure
  • Eugene A. McFall, Knight of Golden Horseshoe
  • Neil Sherman, Knight of Mathias

Class of 1985

  • Hansel Bazzle
  • Roger D. Campbell, Knight of Ponderosa II
  • Richard Kershner, Knight of Walnut Lane
  • Dottie S. Thompson LaPlaca, Maid of Chestertown
  • Barbara Knowlson Ray, Lady of Big Ben

Class of 1986

  • Mary Ethel Clarke, Non-rider
  • Margaret Welton Fisher, Non-rider
  • Preston G. Floyd
  • Carol Kirkendall Hoeck, Maid of Bet Your Booties
  • Joseph L. Ray Jr., Knight of Turkey Trot
  • Jonah Shockey, Non-rider

Class of 1987

  • Thomas E. Bobo, Knight of South Branch Valley
  • William A. Brockman, Knight of Rapidan
  • Frederick Y. Fisher, Knight of Just For Fun II
  • Michael L. Hoeck, Knight of Count Me In
  • Michael P. Virts, Knight of St. Marks
  • Leon Wichael, Knight of Silvery Moon

Class of 1988

  • Michael S. Campbell, Knight of Ponderosa III
  • Welby “Pud” Hennesy, Knight of Old Glory
  • Ralph E. “Jack” Riggleman, Knight of Bass
  • Willard Donald “Donnie” Sherwood, Knight of Little Stuff
  • Andrew E. Stephenson, Knight of Williamsville
  • Ray H. Umstot, Knight of Fairview

Class of 1989

  • Galen B. Back, Knight of Whiskey Creek
  • Wardney C. Crites, Knight of Hickory Hill
  • Robert B. Enfield, Knight of Sir Lancealot
  • William C. Hudson, Knight of Clifford
  • Arthur O. Whipp
  • JoAnn Wooters, Non-rider

Class of 1990

  • Frank C. Anderson
  • Charles W. Back, Knight of Churchville
  • Shirley G. Enfield, Non-rider
  • Philip Schlotzhauer, Knight of Phil’s Signs
  • Maurice Whipp
  • Maxwell Whipp

Class of 1991

  • Jack Andrews, Knight of Rovers West, Charter Member
  • Joe Andrews, Knight of Fair Oaks, Charter Member
  • Stanley Back, Knight of Churchville, Charter Member
  • Victor Barr, Knight of Scott Ridge, Charter Member
  • Paul Junior Bean, Knight of Needmore, Charter Member
  • Pierson ‘Pete’ W. Bigelow, Knight of Windy Hill
  • William M. ‘Bud’ Brinkley, Knight of Buxton, Charter Member
  • John Butzler, Knight of Golden Horseshoe, Charter Member
  • Thomas E. ‘Tommy’ Campbell, Knight of Monroe,
  • C. R. ‘Bob’ Clinedinst, Knight of Possum Hollow, Charter Member
  • Jackson Clinedinst, Charter Member
  • Norwood ‘Doggie’ Clinedinst, Knight of Mt. Zion, Charter Member
  • Adam Seymour Fisher, Knight of Would If I Could, Charter Member
  • William N. Fisher, Knight of Silver Bend
  • William Harper, Knight of Green Valley, Charter Member
  • Kenneth “Buck” Hart, Knight of Fairplay
  • Henry Lee Henderickson, Knight of Hardy, Charter Member
  • David Hess, Knight of Dusty Trails, Charter Member
  • David Kiracofe, Knight of Happy Hollow
  • Wendell G. Sherman, Knight of Moorefield

Class of 1992

  • Richard ‘Dick’ Barr, Knight of Oak Dale
  • Charles W. Bird, Knight of Whiskey Creek
  • Jerry D. Crites, Knight of Charlie’s Knob
  • Helen C. Eubank, Non-rider
  • Linda Enfield Minnick, Maid of Mid Valley
  • Ruth Snow, Non-rider

Class of 1993

  • Stanley Casady, Knight of Mt. Crawford
  • Martha E. ‘Marty’ Cook, Maid of Cook’s Kitchen
  • Jean Dulin, Non-Rider
  • Jack Howell Jr
  • Ronald Patterson, Knight of Patterson Creek
  • John L. “Jack” Smith, Knight of Resse’s Mill

Class of 1994

  • Carl Casady, Knight of Little Dawn
  • Robert Pierce ‘Rob’ Cotter, Knight of Sugarloaf
  • Jackie Crites
  • Thomas ‘Tommy’ Crites, Knight of Friendly Acres
  • Joyce F. Eubank, Non-rider
  • Dennis L. Eyre, Knight of Adventure Hill

Class of 1995

  • Catherine “Cathy” Eyre, Maid of Adventure Hill
  • Donna Crites Mongold, Lady of Walnut Bottom
  • Mary Christ Rucker, Non-rider
  • Frank Turner
  • Pete Wolfe Sr., Knight of Old Hampshire

Class of 1996

  • Richard Casady, Knight of Triple T
  • Clark Ensor, Knight of Continental Springs
  • Laura L. Harris, Non-rider
  • Robert “Bob” Kuykendall
  • Walter “Bucky” Shortall
  • K. C. Van Mater

Class of 1997

  • Tony Campbell, Knight of Ponderosa IV
  • Gerald Crites, Knight of Triple Ranch
  • Kenneth L. Enfield, Knight of Excalibur
  • Cyrus Giles, Knight of Maple Run
  • Bobby Hose, Knight of Old Fields
  • Rosemarie Sherwood, Non-rider

Class of 1998

  • Rachel Campbell, Non-rider
  • Stacey Marie Cook, Maid of High Spirits
  • Steve Crites, Knight of Crites Ranch
  • Harold Tucker Eubank, Knight of Sonny Bank
  • Diane Sherwood, Maid of Skipton Lane
  • Preston Todd Siple, Knight of Deer’s Run

Class of 1999

  • Connie Crites Biser, Lady of Just for Fun
  • Doug Eubank Jr., Knight of Pleasant View IV
  • Brian Henry, Knight of Tucker Run
  • Harold “Tommy” Lloyd, Knight of Pedlar River
  • Verna Billingslea Preis, Maid of the Priceless Place
  • Charles “Buck” Schuyler, Knight of Spring House

Class of 2000

  • Timothy ‘Timmy’ James Campbell, Knight of Ponderosa IV
  • Mark Eubank, Knight of Pleasant View V
  • Alexander A. Fleury, Knight of Woodbine
  • Frank H. Pratt, Knight of Potomac
  • William “Bill” Sharp, Knight of Queen Anne Co.
  • Woodrow Sherman, Knight of Lost River

National Association of Jousting Hall of Fame Inductees 2001-2025