National Jousting Association Hall of Fame Inductees 2001-2025

Class of 2001

  • Timothy W. Bowman, Knight of Little John II
  • John P. Eubank, Knight of Turkey Ridge II
  • David Wheeler, Knight of Possum Hollow
  • Dorsey “Buddy” Wooters Jr., Knight of Caroline County

Class of 2002

  • William ‘Will’ Anderson, Knight of Ingleside
  • Brenda Cotter, Maid of Deer Track
  • R. M. Harris, Knight of Green Knoll

Class of 2003

  • Willard Campbell
  • Henry Clay Ruddle, Knight of Golden Cross
  • John Preston Ruddle, Knight of Buffalo Hills

Class of 2004

  • Sarah McCraw Anderson, Maid of Milkpails
  • John Martin Edwards, Knight of Abilene
  • Henry J. Fowler Jr., Knight of Charlotte Hall
  • Paul McMullen, Non-rider
  • Edwin C. “Kipp” Webb, Knight of Old

Class of 2005

  • Beth H. Eubank, Non-rider
  • Eddie Morris, Knight of Chesapeake Bay

Class of 2006

  • Francis Dancy McCraw, Knight of Smokey Hollow
  • Stephanie Campbell Ogden, Maid of Windy Knoll
  • Melvin Wolinski, Knight of Edgewood

Class of 2007

  • Zula Reeves Casady
  • Katherine Goodman, Maid of Maple Hill
  • Guy McCraw, Knight of Buckingham
  • Windy Sherwood, Maid of Little Skipton Lane

Class of 2008

  • Larry A. Bean, Knight of Bean’s Settlement
  • Scotty Crites, Knight of Crites Town
  • Sandra Izer, Maid of Scarlet Rose
  • Michael Patrick, Knight of Mystery

Class of 2009

  • Arthur Siple, Knight of Turner’s Run
  • Roy Turner, Knight of Maple Top
  • Judy Turner Zwartz, Maid of Lookout Mountain

Class of 2010

  • Susan Casady
  • Corey Minnick, Knight of Bennies Hill
  • Tony Weatherholt, Knight of Araby Church

Class of 2011

  • Peter Cochran, Non-rider
  • Dave Dinkle, Knight of Sunset Spirits
  • Victoria Knight, Maid of Misty Diamond
  • Tellie Turner Saunders, Maid of Maple Top

Class of 2013

  • Shannon Allen, Maid of Sweet Thunder
  • Mona Barton, Maid of Midway
  • Vicki J. Betts, Maid of North Wind
  • Dean Bird, Knight of Churchville

Class of 2014

  • Carolyn Ann Casady Shifflett
  • Roger Lee Shifflett Sr

Class of 2015

  • Phyliss Bird
  • Mary Casady
  • Maria Vogel, Maid of VISA
  • Ron Votel, Knight of Sellner’s Farm

Class of 2016

  • Rhonda Casady
  • Dale Reinhold, Knight of Adams Landing Road

Class of 2017

  • Terry Casady, Knight of 4th T
  • Chrissey Groah, Maiden of Velvet Touch
  • Sabrina Jastram, Maid of Day Road
  • Mason Platzke, Knight of Turn Around Farm

Class of 2018

  • C. J. Casady, Knight of Little Dawn II
  • Tony Casady, Knight of Long Haired Country Boy
  • JoAnn Lawson, Maid of Winter Cloud
  • Joey Shortall, Knight of I Wish

Class of 2019

  • Bobby Curry, Knight of Rebel Yell
  • Tammie Ervine, Maid of Misty Mountain
  • Bruce Hoffman, Knight of Maple Hill
  • Peggy Hoffman, Maid of Dragon’s Lair

Class of 2020

  • Junior Michael Campbell, Knight of Ponderosa VI
  • Tony Casady, Knight of Long Haired Country Boy
  • Jackie Rosenthal, Maid of Cranwood
  • Peggy States-Edwards, Maid of No Where Land

Class of 2021

  • Jason Campbell, Knight of Windy Knoll
  • Charlie Carter, Knight of Mountain View 2
  • Donnie Ervine, Non-rider

Class of 2022

  • Jesse Eubank
  • Ella Patrick, Non-rider
  • Michaella Patrick, Maid of Autumn Wind
  • Mark Weesner, Knight of Cherry Creek

National Jousting Hall of Fame Inductees 1979-2000